Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Work, work, work...

That seems like all I am doing this week. Work. Clean. Organize (still, you ask? Well, I'm never really done because there comes a point when I reorganize the organization because I think of a better way). Write poem for Saturday. Bake. Shop.

And so on, and so on...

Okay...let's check the list and see how I am doing.

Christmas cards. Check. Just need a few more stamps and the last remaining few will be on their way.

Poem. Somewhat check. It's coming along, the pressure is on, but I at least have something for Saturday night.

Christmas shopping. Check. Not completely done, but it will be done tomorrow. I just have one more thing for my mom, then a couple of things at the dollar store for a basket we are doing for Andy's grandmother and then I'll be done. On the 14th of December! Can you stand it???

Christmas dinner. Got my shopping list of last minute things I need, all I need to do is cook the dinner and serve, then sit back and await the praises of a delicious dinner.

Cleaning. Hey...I've got until Sunday. Once Miss Madeline has gone to mom and dad's for the weekend on Friday, I can clean without a mess creeping up behind me.

Seems like every week now I get a little more ruthless and find more stuff to get rid of...we've made many trips to Value Village to drop of junk (excuse me...other people's treasures). At the rate I'm going I'll have everything done by next Christmas and well, by then there will be more stuff to go through!

Got the Christmas tree up last weekend...reminded me once again why I hate putting up Christmas trees. I told Andy that next year we need to splurge and buy a pre-lit if only I could find one that came already decorated!

It's been kind of a sad week. As you've probably heard, Laura Gainey (Bob Gainey's daugher - he's the GM of the Montreal Canadiens) was swept overboard from the ship she was on and has been missing since Friday evening. The search has now been called off and her family is trying to deal with the shock and disbelief. Since Bob Gainey is a Peterborough boy, it is big news here as a lot of the extended family, and many friends of the Gainey's live here.

Also, a man that worked for my mom a few years ago passed away suddenly this weekend. It was a real shock to hear that he had passed away, but I think he would have been gone long ago had it not been for my mom intervening. He had problems with alcohol, and thus there were problems at work. Most employers would have just let him go without another thought, and while mom did let him go for awhile, she gave him a second chance on the basis that he go to her pastor for couselling. He eventually got into AA, and we were privileged to be invited to his one-year sobriety celebration. He really turned his life around, and while I can't say for certain that he is in heaven right now, it is certainly my hope and prayer that he is. I will always remember his friendly smile, his willingness to help, and most importantly, his dedication and desire to making a positive change in his life.

Okay...let's move onto something happier now...

Since it's been a few days, let me mention that there were two birthdays in the family this weekend. My brother James had a birthday on the 9th and my sister-in-law had a birthday on the 11th. We went to the Pizza Factory for her birthday...yum! And Barb's birthday is exactly one month before my birthday! That's what I told her when we called to say Happy Birthday...I reminded her that she had one month to shop for my birthday present!! :D

Well...that's all for now...I'm getting tired so I should probably go to bed. If you don't hear too much from me this week, it's because I'm busy...I'll resurface sometime next week...


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